Week 6 Agenda

Spelling- New words for the week…as, with, is, they, at

Long Vowels- When Two Vowels Go a Walking ea, ee, oa, ai

Writing- Johnny Appleseed

Math- Combining Numbers/Ways to Make 10

Science- Primary and Secondary Colors

Looking forward to another amazing week with my kiddos!

Mrs. G

Week 4 News and Cute Pics of the Kids in Action :)

This week we will continue to reinforce what we have learned in both literacy and math stations. Here is what I have planned!

Reading Stations Week 4:

Art- apple art activity/fine motor skills

Literacy- short vowel matching

Word Work- Rainbow Write /u/, /o/, /u/ words and sight words

Writing- My Favorite Kevin Henkes Character

Poetry- Little Bug Poem/ short U poem focus on/u/, sight words, and smiley sentences

Technology- sight words games / ABC Mouse reading activities

Math Stations Week 4:

Collect 20

Staircases to 12

Play-doh 10 frames

Number Sense towers

Steam Bin

Technology- Addition games

Spelling words for Week 4: he, for, was, on, are

Please take a few minutes each night to practice. If the kids bring back their words, I give them a “punch” on their punch card for a trip to the treasure box 🙂

Here are a few pics of the kids in action last week!!!


Building a number tower city!
Steam Bin creation 🙂
Pattern block fun!!!
Word Work!!!
Team work!
Reading buddies 🙂
Partner reading

Reading buddies



Off to a Great Start!

The kids had a great week! We have moved away from focusing on school procedures into our normal school day activities. We started math/reading learning stations this week. I was excited to see the kids work well together. Working in small groups builds relationships and gives the kids ownership over their learning. I also got to start reading with them this week, which is something I really enjoy. It’s hard to read with all of them, but I try my hardest to read with each of them daily. I sent home our first set of 5 spelling words…most of them a review from last year. They work on these throughout the week and most of the time we test on Friday. Our first test was a success! The test will have 2 grades, one for spelling and one for penmanship. The penmanship grades will be P-1/P-4. One being the lowest and 4 being perfect. As the year goes on their penmanship grades will improve drastically, so don’t worry if you see lower grades at first. Here is what we will be working on this week:

Reading: I will be working to determine their current reading level. This takes some time, so if the books they are reading seem too easy or difficult please know I am working hard to find the best fit for each one of them.

Spelling: New words this week in, is, you, that, it. The kids will write these words in their planners each week, so they can practice at home. Parents please work with them throughout the week. All they need is a few minutes a night. We are also focusing on the short vowels sounds found in the spelling words this week.

Math: We are working on addition and problem solving. During our math block we use whole group, small group, and student learning stations to build on each math essential. This is a favorite time of day for most of the kids…they really enjoy working together in math stations.

Social Studies/Science: The kids are working on their first Author Book Study. We have been reading Kevin Henkes books the past few days, and we will continue this study for the remainder of this week. His books focus on positive social behaviors and we relate these behaviors to our CHAMPS procedures here at school. Our whole group discussions are so fun! I love listening to their perspective on the world.

I hope you all enjoyed the long weekend…I am looking forward to another great week!

Mrs. Goodwin

Hello Everyone

Wow! We have had an awesome start to our year! I have enjoyed getting to know each and every one of my new students. We have worked hard over the past few days getting to know both classroom and school wide procedures. This can be overwhelming at first, so I will not start marking planners for behavior until later this week.

I am trying a new behavior management routine this year. I am focusing on positive behavior rather than the negative color change. Each student will get a punch card…when I see great CHAMPs behavior I will punch the card. Once the card is full the kids can get a surprise from the treasure box. If students make bad choices they will be given a warning. After the third strike, I will write a note in the planner describing the behavior. I ask that parents discuss the behavior at home and then initial the planner, so that I know it has been addressed.

I will be sending home notes as we move along through the next couple weeks, they will explain planner and reading folder procedures.

I am so excited about this year!

Mrs. G


Our school fundraiser this year is in full swing. I sent home an information sheet last week that has all the instructions on how to begin. This is a great way to encourage reading and raise money for our kids at the same time. Students can also win prizes by asking for donations from friends and family. We have already started reading in class and I have entered their reading time daily. I send home a book every night, all you have to do is enter their reading time on our class page. We have already received some donations and we are so grateful to those who have given. Thank you for supporting our kids and helping them become better readers!

Mrs. Goodwin

Easter Fun!!!

Our Easter Party will be here before you know it. We plan to hunt eggs, play games, and then return to the classroom for snacks. I sent home a note with all the details. We hope to see everyone and plan for a good time!

Mrs. Goodwin

Parent Teacher Conferences

We will begin our end of year parent teacher conferences Monday March 6th. I have sent home letters with each student stating wether or not you need to attend a conference. If you can not attend the scheduled time, please let me know. We can also have a phone conference if need be. I am so proud of the progress our class has made and appreciate your attendance in advance.

Mrs. Goodwin

Our Class Has Been Hit Hard

Dear Parents,

Over the past few weeks Strep and the Flu have hit our class hard. Over half of the class has been out with one or the other. Unfortunately I came down with the Flu on Thursday. It has taken me several days to recover and let me tell you it has not been fun. Please pay close attention to your kiddos and watch for symptoms. If your child comes down with something please allow adequate time to recover. Sending them back too early puts the rest of us at risk and leads to more absences. They must be symptom and fever free for at least 24 hours. I hope the worst of it has passed and everyone has had time to recover.

Thank you,
Mrs. Goodwin

February is FULL of Fun!!!

I can’t believe February is already here and we have a lot going on this month. This week we are celebrating our 100th Day of School as well as Groundhog Day. Wednesday is our 100th day of school. I am sending home a fun activity for students to complete and return to me no later than Wednesday morning. We will use this to celebrate the day. The following day is Groundhog day. We began talking about and researching groundhogs today and will continue throughout the rest of the week. We also have President’s day and our Valentine’s Party coming up later in the month. I will send home a letter about the party this week.

Last week I sent home spelling homework and it did the trick. Our test last week was night and day compared to the last few we have taken. Please practice these words with your child every night. They need to write them as well as spell them out loud. Knowing these words increases their reading fluency and helps in writing as well. Here are the new words we worked on today in class. Please work on them throughout the week. Our tests are usually on Fridays.

1. no
2. make
3. than
4. been
5. first

Thank you!
Mrs. Goodwin